PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency Program at Danbury Hospital

The PGY-1 Residency Program at Nuvance Health – Danbury Hospital will supplement the academic pharmacy education of the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree and to contribute to the development of clinical pharmacists responsible for medication-related care of patients with a wide range of conditions. Upon successful completion of the PGY-1 Residency program, residents will be eligible for board certification and for PGY-2 pharmacy residency training. This residency program is designed to prepare residents to become successful pharmacy leaders by providing a wide array of experiences with leaders in pharmacy administration, clinicians, and experts in research and education.

This twelve-month post-graduate program offers training to highly motivated, team-oriented pharmacy professionals on advanced patient care skills, distributive and administrative roles of pharmacy, and prepares residents to be leaders of change in the medical and academic community. Residents will have direct patient care experiences in a variety of settings throughout the year, allowing residents to gain confidence to effectively become integral members of an interdisciplinary health care team. The pharmacy residency is set alongside the physician residency and fellowship programs at Danbury Hospital, resulting in extensive collaboration between physicians and pharmacy residents both as co-learners and care team providers. The program curriculum is structured to enable the resident to develop his or her own career interests in addition to participating in the required learning experiences of the residency. The residency program will also serve to develop and refine the resident’s writing, presentation, teaching, research, and leadership skills.

PGY-1 Pharmacy Program Structure and Curriculum

The Nuvance Health – Danbury Hospital PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency Program is a 12-month
(June – June) post-graduate training program. The program structure may be subject to change in order
to meet individual interests, goals, and needs of the resident as determined by the Residency Advisory
Committee (RAC).

Required Core Learning Experiences
Hospital/Pharmacy Orientation and Central Operations
Infectious Disease
Critical Care
Transitions of Care
Internal Medicine
Emergency Medicine

Required Longitudinal Learning Experiences
Teaching Certificate
Ambulatory Care
Antimicrobial Stewardship
Practice Management

Elective Learning Experiences
Medication Safety
Pharmacy Informatics
Academic Leadership
Sterile Products

Additional Residency Experiences
BLS/ACLS certification
Research project
Attendance and presentations at regional and national conferences


Rafay Ali, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist
Pharmacy School: University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy
Hobbies: Going to the gym, flying, and traveling
Clinical Interests: Acute care, emergency medicine, critical care
Rotation(s) Offered: Hospital/Pharmacy Orientation, Central Operations

Jamie Chadwick, PharmD
Pharmacy Manager
Pharmacy School: University of Connecticut
Hobbies: Traveling (as long as it is to somewhere warm), reading, spending time with family and friends
Clinical Interests: Operations, Management, Diabetes
Rotation(s) Offered: Practice Management

Kristen Ciampi, PharmD, MBA
Clinical Staff Pharmacist 2
Pharmacy School: University of Rhode Island, College of Pharmacy
Hobbies: Traveling, playing tennis, reading
Clinical Interests: General Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Rotation(s) Offered: Internal Medicine

Michelle D’Aprile, PharmD, BS
Clinical Staff Pharmacist 2
Pharmacy School: Northeastern University (B.S. Pharmacy) and St. John’s University (PharmD)
PGY-1 Residency: New England Medical Center
Hobbies: Cooking, reading, traveling, playing with my two dogs, learning to speak Italian, and
appreciating wine
Clinical Interests: Infectious Diseases, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Pharmacokinetics, Critical Care
Rotation(s) Offered: Infectious Disease

Sophia Hanisch, PharmD
Clinical Informatics Pharmacist
Pharmacy School: University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy
Hobbies: Baking, weightlifting, reading
Clinical Interests: Informatics, cardiology, retail pharmacy
Rotation(s) Offered: Pharmacy Informatics

Nowshin Islam, PharmD, BCPS
System Professional Development Specialist
Pharmacy School: University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy
PGY-1 Residency: Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
PGY-2 Medication Use Safety and Policy Residency: Yale New Haven Hospital
Hobbies: Volunteering, concerts / comedy shows, board games, coffee shops
Clinical Interests: Pharmacy Education, Clinical Research, Population Health
Rotation(s) Offered: Teaching & Learning Certificate, Academic Leadership

Krista Katers, PharmD, BCPS
System Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services
Pharmacy School: University of Wisconsin-Madison
PGY-1 Residency: Aurora Health Care (Milwaukee, WI)
Hobbies: Traveling, outdoor activities, reading, chasing my toddler!
Clinical Interests: Critical Care, Drug Information
Rotation(s) Offered: Practice Management

Sylvia Narciso, PharmD, MS
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist/Residency Program Director
Pharmacy School: University of Saint Joseph School of Pharmacy
PGY-1 Residency: Waterbury Hospital
Hobbies: Traveling, real estate, baking, spending time with family
Clinical Interests: Emergency Medicine, Medication Optimization
Rotation(s) Offered: Emergency Medicine

Sayali Oak, PharmD, BC-ADM
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist
Pharmacy School: University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy
PGY-1 Community Residency: Hartford Heathcare St. Vincent’s Medical Center
Hobbies: Hiking, biking, baking
Clinical Interests: Transitions of Care, Diabetes, Cardiology
Rotation(s) Offered: Transitions of Care

Stephanie Peck, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist
Pharmacy School: University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy
PGY-1 Residency: Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center
Hobbies: Hiking, boating, and spending time with family
Clinical Interest: Critical Care
Rotation(s) Offered: Critical Care

Monica Stanton, PharmD
Clinical Staff Pharmacist 2
Pharmacy School: West Virginia University School of Pharmacy
PGY-1 Residency: General Practice Residency Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx NY
Hobbies: Reading a good book on the beach, entertaining friends on the weekends, watching my son
play baseball and swim
Clinical Interest: Oncology
Rotation(s) Offered: Oncology

Louis Tuccitto, RPh
Director of Pharmacy
Pharmacy School: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
Hobbies: Cooking/trying new recipes, health and self-care, spending time at the beach, enjoying time
with friends and family
Clinical Interests: Pain Management, Sterile compounding
Rotation(s) Offered: Practice Management

Mohammed M. Uddin, PharmD, BC-ADM
Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacist – Primary Care
Pharmacy School: Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
PGY-1 Residency: Optum Specialty Pharmacy, Phoenix, AZ
Hobbies: Traveling, Working out, Shopping and Exploring new restaurants
Clinical Interests: Diabetes Management, Cardiology, Specialty Pharmacy, Academia
Rotation(s) Offered: Ambulatory Care

Melanie Weiss, PharmD
Clinical Staff Pharmacist 2
Pharmacy School: Northeastern University, Bouve College of Health Sciences
Hobbies: Playing sports with my children, traveling with my family, going to the beach
Clinical Interest: Oncology
Rotation(s) Offered: Oncology

General Program Benefits

Competitive stipend

  • Travel reimbursement for professional meetings
  • BLS and ACLS certifications
  • Paid time off
  • Medical, dental, vision insurance
  • Free parking
  • Access to gym facilities


Is the program accredited?
We are currently in the pre-candidacy phase of accreditation through the American Society of HealthSystem Pharmacist (ASHP).

How many positions are there?
There are 2 PGY-1 pharmacy residency positions

What is the stipend?

How is the resident’s schedule determined?
The resident’s schedule is built in discussion with the RPD and residency advisory committee. The finalized schedule is based on program requirements as well as the resident’s interests and goals.

Will the residents participate in multi-disciplinary rounds?
Yes, you will participate in various multidisciplinary rounds such as ICU, internal medicine, and infectious diseases.

Does Danbury Hospital support travel to conferences?
Yes, residents will be reimbursed for travel to ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and a regional residency conference.

When do residents need to be licensed by?
Residents are required to sit for both the NAPLEX and CT MPJE by July 15. However, we highly encourage our residents to sit for their exams prior to the start of the program in order to maximize the most of their residency experience as fully licensed practitioners.

When is the application deadline?
January 8, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST

Is an interview required?
Yes, interviews are required. Interviews allow the opportunity to meet and interact with the program director and preceptors and to tour the facility.