Simulation Center

The Harold A. Spratt Center for Simulation and Clinical Learning is a new state-of-the-art facility at Danbury Hospital designed to enhance patient safety and the quality of health care, through simulation, in Western Connecticut Health Network and the region.

The Center’s faculty works collaboratively with content experts and other educators to develop scenarios and programs to meet the diverse needs of professionals from varied disciplines and at different stages of their careers. Because of the recognized link between patient safety, teamwork and communication, the Center places special emphasis on programs that are interprofessional in both scope and reach. The Center’s simulation capabilities also address the need for individuals within teams to master their clinical skills, techniques and use of best practices.

Through its cutting-edge facility, and with programs and curricula that place value on interprofessional care, teamwork and clinical skill, the Harold A. Spratt Center for Simulation and Clinical Learning will improve the safety and quality of patient care.

The Harold A. Spratt Center produces cutting-edge health care simulation by offering three primary simulation labs replicating an intensive care room; an inpatient general medical surgical room, including a full bathroom; and a labor and delivery/neonatal intensive care room. Each of these labs provides:

  • Flexibility to replicate alternative clinical environments, such as outpatient exam rooms
  • Control rooms isolated from the lab space to allow remote control of simulators and audio/ visual equipment
  • One-way glass to allow learners a sense of independence while maintaining direct supervision by faculty
  • Networking to support the integration of the highest tech simulation equipment available
  • Functioning hospital gas panels with oxygen, air and suction
  • A monitor to display vital signs and data pertinent to a simulation scenario

The Center also features:

  • A medication room that can be integrated into simulations in the three primary labs
  • A reception area designed and configured to double as a fourth simulation lab
  • High-fidelity manikins that simulate human physiology and pathology
  • Two large debriefing rooms for instruction and discussions
  • Cutting-edge  audio/visual  capability  so scenarios can be recorded and played back for analysis while debriefing and data can be captured for research or assessment
  • A standardized patient program that uses live people trained to act through clinical scenarios
  • Educational and technical support from a specialized simulation team to ensure well-executed and effective utilization of simulation modalities

For more information about the Harold A. Spratt Center for Simulation and Clinical Learning, please call (203)739-7645 or email