Norwalk Hospital Fringe Benefits

Residency and Fellowship Program Fringe Benefits


Referenced stipend is per annum, payable bi-weekly. The Hospital shall deduct appropriate mandatory items, such as applicable Federal and State withholding taxes and FICA (Social Security).

PGYAnnual Stipend
PGY 1 – $63,560

PGY 2- $65,847

PGY 3- $68,289

PGY 4/FEL 1- $71,754

PGY 5/FEL2- $75,690

PGY 6/FEL 3- $79,016

Housing Benefit
Residents will be accommodated in a hospital owned apartment. If the resident lives in Hospital housing, they receive a fair market value percentage / month of the specific apartment’s rent as imputed income in their pay (versus a flat dollar amount) and does not pay rent for the apartment. If the resident prefers to live elsewhere, they will receive a monthly rent allowance (currently $371.00 / month). Residents can opt out of hospital-owned housing and receive the rent allowance at any time during their contracted academic year. This will be calculated by prorating FMV imputed income and rent allowances based on entire weeks (rather than days of a week) using a majority-rules parameter. Hospital owned housing is not guaranteed.